Jada Kingdom Shares Humble Beginnings In New Visuals For ‘WiN’: Watch

If you knew nothing about Jada Kingdom, the new video for her song WiN will give you an idea of who she is and where she’s coming from.

The video, released on July 26, was set in Jada Kingdom’s hometown, Shooters Hill, Bulls Bay, St Thomas, Jamaica, where her humble beginnings were placed on display. The video, produced by Mathsofmind Productions, commenced with a shot of a house constructed by board, followed by Jada taking a bath in an outdoor bathroom.

Without potable water, she resorts to using a bath pan to bathe and a bottle of water to assist in cleaning her teeth. Every little girl growing up in Jamaica knows that they must wash their underwear after a bath, and so shots of underwear on the line tell the tale of a typical Jamaican home.

Her community is also fully featured in the video, where men were seen playing football. This shows that her community is a close-knit one and that the camaraderie is strong. The old zinc fences separating each yard again make reference to the life she lived in a relatively poor community. The shrubs, scattered garbage, and unfinished houses overlooking the Caribbean sea are all elements that comprise the place she refers to as home.

Her community is also one where the family bond seems to be strong, so she is seen lovingly touching her mother, as well as integrating and interacting with several other persons.

This video is one where many Caribbean nationals can relate to, having experienced this type of lifestyle in one way or another.

Importantly, this video correlates with the lyrics of her song perfectly, whereby her circumstances have given her that indomitable spirit to be exceptional.

“Just a ghetto girl from the East with a dream….Pray everytime me fail caz God always ah listen, one day I have to win, that’s why mi try again.”

With over 400,000 views on YouTube, the reception from her fans has been overwhelming, with everyone praising her on this big WiN. Other notable songs by Jada Kingdom are Love Situations, Banana, Wull On, Waste Man, and One Time.

Watch the WiN visualizer below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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