Jada Kingdom Says She Is Done With ‘Beefing’

Less than a week after Shenseea’s mother passed away, dancehall singer Jada Kingdom, seemingly in a display of empathy, has said she is ceasing all hostilities.

The former friends and later arch-rivals had been trading invectives from as far back as May 2019, after Jada took offense to Shenseea’s response to a cousin of hers who had jeered the Trending Gyal artiste about a hairstyle.

The public spat was played out on Instagram, and overtime led to a hostile situation, which boiled over after Shenseea threw down the gauntlet at the Red Bull Culture Clash in November 2019. A day later, Jada had responded with a diss track dubbed Shen Heng, in which she, in turn, ripped into her former friend, and sought to tear her reputation and street credibility to shreds.  The singers last traded jabs in March 2020, following the release of Shenseea’s The Sidechick Song, and Jada recently defended herself after Shenseea’s manager, Romeich, brought her work ethic into question.

But in a tweet on Sunday, in an apparent reference to her public spat with Shenseea, a contrite Jada said she was all done with conflicts.

“F__ all that beef s__t,” she wrote on her Twitter page, evoking several comments from her fans who encouraged her to bury the hatchet.

“Let bygones be bygones.  Reunite with Shen Yeng,” Sky Walker said, while another fan noted, “Beef is for cows.  No one wants to be a sheep.   Forgiveness gives everyone peace.”

A few minutes later, Jada tweeted “I really hate how we always wait until something tragic happens to spread peace and show each other love. I wanna say I get it but that shit is sad & lame… let’s fix that!”

Several fans have encouraged the Yuh Betta singer to “reach out.” One forward-thinking fan even had her eyes set way into the future.
Following Shenseea’s announcement of her mother’s death, on Thursday, Jada Kingdom did reach out directly to Shenseea.  In a IG story post, she expressed condolences, noting that she just received the news and was saddened.

“I just got the sad news that your mother passed away. Regardless of our differences we’ve had over the years, today I’m standing up to respectfully send my condolences to you and your family.”

Jada Kingdom also noted at the time that she knew Shenseea’s mother was her “backbone and beyond,” and said she was confident that the Blessed artiste would pull through her period of turbulence.

“I can’t imagine what you must be going through right now and I know there are no words that can really help at a time like this but you made her so proud and will continue to do so. I know you’ll find the right amount of strength to pull through this terrible phase one day at a time…,” she noted.

In the meantime, Shenseea has repudiated insinuations being made by people on social media that she had made her mother a ‘sacrifice’ in her bid to gain international stardom and wealth, even though at the same time, she said the offensive comments would not get an angry outburst from her.

The 23-year-old, who repeatedly kept asking for prayers, said her mother was initially hospitalized after suffering a mild stroke and heart attack.  In addition, she said the doctor informed her that her mother, who was hypertensive, had, unknown to her, suffered a stroke some time ago.

Shenseea also said in dealing with her grief, she would love to hear from persons who had also lost their mothers and how they coped during their time of bereavement, as opposed to getting condolence messages as these were making her very sad.


Source: Dancehallmag

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