Jada Kingdom & Princess Nokia Recruited By Aluna For New Single ‘Get Paid’: Listen

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Aluna joined Ebro Darden on Apple Music yesterday to premiere the new track and wound up having an impactful conversation discussing the lack of diversity in the dance genre, as such she has made it a personal responsibility to make changes that can lead to progress, this ultimately led to the recruitment of Jada Kingdom and Nokia on Get Paid.

The single she said, “It’s about two things. It’s aspirational because Black women and people of color need to get paid. It’s also about what happens when you are not paid for centuries is that you don’t even believe it’s okay to get paid. It’s an aspirational celebration of allowing yourself to be paid.”

Jumping onboard Aluna’s musical project was a no brainer for Kingdom, on Shabbaaaaa Sound Radio on Apple Music a few days ago, the singer admitted to never even meeting Aluna before but wanted ‘in’ on the much-needed movement to bolster black female artistes in music.

Jada further added that she supported Aluna’s ‘letter’ (a gutsy Instragam letter about her experiences with racism in the music industry posted last month) and wants to do the same in the dancehall community. Similarly the Heavy singer described dancehall music as an underground genre in the world of music, and it’s about time it got the recognition and respect it truly deserves.

“Internationally it’s underrated like it’s big in Jamaica and in the islands but like overseas its like … all dem know is the Sean Paul,” she said. So she, like Aluna, is on a mission of her own, and that is to “spread more light pon dancehall music.

As for the single, Get Paid represents Aluna’s breakthrough as a solo artiste and is featured on her debut solo album Renaissance that officially dropped yesterday July 16th.

The teaming finds the three dominants taking control of their cash, attesting their firm work ethic and unparalleled forte that sets them apart from many. Aluna chorales, “Make money and spend it, want more/ I work hard for my gravy.”

Nokia then slides in the second segment to say she’s “higher than a bundle/ Sign off papers/ Game changer, arcade player, space invader, I just pissed of all my naysayers.”

The distinctive dancehall flavors from Jada drops in on the last segment, “Neva seen nuttn like me/ Jet to the phantom, just reach a London/ Top gal a walk through make way, and you know we getting paid six ways,” she boasts.

Check out the full audio for Get Paid below –


Source: Dancehallmag

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