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Jada Kingdom And Shaneil Muir Epitomize Women Empowerment On IG Live


It was all love, women empowerment, and silly jokes when Jada Kingdom joined Shaneil Muir’s Instagram live earlier today.

Kingdom, who is currently quarantining in Atlanta, stopped her studio session to check in with the rising Dancehall singjay and cosigned her breakout hit, Yamabella.

“Mek mi tell yuh something girl, you might nuh know this but…aye, yuh bad enuh,” Kingdom started. “Mi did tell you wah day mi a look up your music and mi a seh no sah, how dem a gwaan like nuh female artiste nuh deh bout?… Dem a seh a every other week di man artiste dem a rise like seh we nuh exist. Mi a seh [expletive] a how da gal ya bad suh? Mi listen di tune and a seh yuh talk enuh, yuh talk. Mi rate it bad, you a do your thing, mi love it.”

Muir was all smiles as Kingdom sang her praises, and referred to the One Time artiste by her alter ego, Twinkle. Between Kingdom fangirling over the sound of Muir calling her Twinkle, and the ladies admitting that they still shop at low-end stores like Walmart and Target, they also held a serious reasoning about supporting talent.

“Weh mi nuh like more time is that people nuh like big up people and everybody know seh mi a di one artiste weh nuh ramp fi give Caesar weh due to Caesar, give the respect where it due, give the ratings where it due,” Kingdom said.

“Mi nuh see who big up female artiste like me…encourage dem and dem something deh… Majority of the times mi realise seh mi nuh get back the same energy but yuh see when mi link yuh (Muir) and mi get da vibe deh, mi seh da girl deh a real girl.”

Kingdom added, “Some a dem love gwaan like seh dem nuh live inna dem DM and a wait til bout seven business days fi response to DM like dem a who…cause it’s like nobody nuh fi deh deh but dem… If artiste bad, artiste bad. Big mi up nuh…Mi big up you, you big up me, as simple as that.”

Muir concurred by belting “talent over hype”, an essential lyric in Yamabella.

“Dem get lost inna di hype and dem nuh be themselves,” said Muir. “When you be yourself yuh get a different energy… Twinkle is Twinkle and Shaneil a Shaneil, but dis a wah mi like and I like when the fans realise that this is what it is.”

Now that Muir has earned her big break four years after placing in the top 10 of the defunct Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall contest, the calls for a collaboration are plenty.

“Mi nah go talk too tough enuh…when yuh deh weh yuh reach and when yuh deh weh yuh waan go…and now dem feel dem waan fi rae and rae.”

But Kingdom wasn’t as reserved in calling those people out.

“Over the years a whole heap a people mi link fi collab, whole heap a people mi link fi work wid, and dem gwaan the most way and now dem a run een,” Kingdom said.

After some shady freestyles about unrequited respect, a discussion about derrière sizes, and poor yet hilarious attempts at sign language, it was on to life after COVID-19.

“Mi like how you a gwaan inna di pandemic…mi know when road open up you’re going to be booked out and not jooked out,” said Kingdom. “Cya wait fi buk yuh up pon some show so mi can call yuh up wid yuh heavy self. First of all if mi and you have show we cya have separate set – a one time… You over deh so wid da sound deh and me over ya so.”

Also showing Muir some love this week was reggae singer Queen Ifrica. The Climb artiste shared a video of Muir doing a live performance of Yamabella.

“I don’t know her just came across this video it’s bit all over the place but don’t watch that just hear her out she tuff I think@shaneilmuir,” Ifrica captioned.

Longtime spouse of incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel, Tanesha ‘Shorty‘ Johnson, has also been promoting Muir’s work online. Muir is slated to release an upcoming single on Johnson’s Short Boss Muzik label.

Meanwhile, Kingdom yesterday released collaborations with Skillibeng (Shake Remix) and Vyz Kartel (Heavy! Remix).


Source: Dancehallmag

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