Jada calls for Execution for rapists

Jamaica News: Jada Kingdom released a track lately dubbed with lyrics showcasing a zero tolerant reception for rapists. The track is titled “Execution” and comes at a relevant time when the ‘missing’ toll is rising amongst females, particularly young females. After three days of release it is still trending on Youtube. One person commented “Nuff nah go like this cause it nah talk bout under her”. Jada is known for her soothing, soft voice with hits like “Banana” and more. We welcome this type of a music and would love to see more female artists in the genre drop songs of this kind.

Earlier in November, Shenseea called her out in a clash and refused to reply to her diss track but nonetheless, Jada still showcased how talented and versatile she is in this one. See link below




By: Errol Wright

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