“It’s Time to Preach” Marion Hall to Open Church

The first-ever female reggae DJ to reach the triple-platinum grammy-nominated status formerly known as the Queen of Dancehall, Minister Marion Hall is reported to be building her own church too as she said, “Preach and Teach”

Baptized over five years ago, the gospel artist and Minister, unlike many crossover reggae artists seem to be serious about giving her life to God with no signs of turning back. Hall says her church will not be confined to a building but will be “Taking it to the streets”.

“I nah start inna no building. God said to go the highways and the byways. The first place he sent me was to Back Road to find that one lady so God’s word will not return to Him void. I’m going to go to ‘Back Road’ again and the female prison,” she said.

The gospel artist released two albums since her cross-over five years ago “When God speaks” hit the airways in 2016, and her second gospel album entitled “His Grace” was released in 2018.

Written by Maliaka Bryce


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