Ishawna Lashes Out At Police Officer

Kingston, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Ishawna Lashes Out At Police Officer: On Thursday evening Jamaican artist Ishawna was stopped by police personnel after which they proceeded to ask for her license, fitness and insurance documentation. The singer was unable to present such documents and as such her 2012 White C- Class Mercedez- Benz was seized by officers and she was given a $10,000 ticket and she was given a date in October to appear in court.

The Singer was later the biggest talk of Jamaica after a video of the singer cursing a police officer and an employee of the wrecker company who were preparing the transfer of her vehicle to the impound went viral on the internet.

In the video, Ishawna can be heard clearly saying, “Mi need mi f##king car keys an mi nah lef here suh without it!”

A police officer proceeded to respond “Yuh see for using those words ma’am, I will charge you.”

After which the singer added, “Mi nuh [email protected]@dclaat care!” after which she continued,“Is like them send him for me… like him get the memo she an Ishawna dat.” The reference the celeb made to ‘him’ meant the police officer.

Ishawna could also be heard explaining to someone that she had tried to assess the issue with the police officer that the license for the vehicle had expired and the issue was being handled at a tax office.

It is believed that less than 24 hours after the singer’s vehicle was taken it was handed over to her.

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