Ishawna Bares All In Latest Video ‘Single and Quarantined’

The quarantine imposed by countries around the world has affected everyone in different ways. For Ishawna it’s gotten to her because “nuff good man in a prison.” That’s according to her latest video called Single and Quarantined.

The video was uploaded to Youtube on May 1st and in it, Ishawna, whose real name is Ishawna Natalia Smith, leaves very little to the imagination. The video opens with her taking in the news on television while dressed in a sexy outfit. She then proceeds to her bedroom where she laments: “single life sucks when you’re quarantine and alone”.

As she lies on the bed and tantalizes the viewers, she wonders if she should contact an ex to help her fulfil her needs. She continues to sing about being tired of Netflix and the internet in a sultry and seductive manner.

“Me need a man fee kick down meh door and grab me, yuh girlfriend she nah fee know,” she sings while striking another exotic pose. She doesn’t hold back much in the video and even sings that she wants to star in her own “freak show.”

Ms Legendary takes up a notch towards the end of the video and features a shower scene where she is covered in suds and sings once again “me need a good man in a prison, nuff good man in a jail, nuff good good lock down in a quarantine and them cah get no bail.”

The comments under the video show that fans are very appreciative of both her vocals and the physical display she shares in the video.

This fan said: “Love everything about this video #singlelifesucks,” this one said: “This is my jaammmm. #Ishy baby, yuh find it again girrrl. Love u don’t listen to the haters yah. I love this song and it makes me laugh,” and another added: “Single life suck love how yu a talk up the things dem dah song yah a hit. it bad .”

The video also has also helped her expand her fan base as a fan from Ghana gave her the nod of approval: “Loved your tunes from day 1. Fan for life from Ghana.”
She’s also received a lot of positive feedback on Instagram, where she announced that the video had been uploaded. That post has received over 20 000 views and countless fire emoji’s in the comments section.


Source: Dancehallmag

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