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Is Dancehall Entertainer Mavado Back in Jamaica

Mavado Teenage Son Facing Murder Charges Remanded Again

Jamaica Crime News, Kingston: There is now controversy surrounding whether dancehall entertainer Mavado is actually back in Jamaica, or if he had turned himself over to the police for questioning.

These are the questions now on the lips of many Jamaicans and overseas residents, after a photo of the dancehall artist sitting on a section of his newly built house surfaced on social media.

Up to date the police are still tight lipped about the true whereabouts of the dance hall artist, whose real name is David Brooks.

The entertainer left the Island shortly after his son was implicated in a murder incident in St Andrew. The 16-year-old teenage boy has been denied bail after appearing in court on numerous occasions.

Attorney-at-Law Bert Samuels, who is representing the teenager, again made all attempts in his bail application to convince the Judge, but with little effect.

The 16-year-old teenager denied the allegations which are said to be the statements of the witness who is also his co-accused  23-year-old Andre Hinds.

Both accused are facing the Court on charges of  murder, arson, conspiracy to murder,  shooting with intent and illegal possession of firearm .

Andre Hinds is being represented by Attorney Kemar Robinson.

The son of the dancehall artist is currently being held at  the Metcalfe Street Secure Juvenile Remand Centre in Kingston.

Both accused  have been charged with the murder  of Lorenza Thomas, 23-year-old  unemployed of Cassava Piece. The incident occurred on Tuesday, June 5

.                                                                                                                                 Reports by the  police are that about  2:30 a.m.,  Thomas was at his home when armed men kicked open  the door to his house . The men attacked Thomas and shot him multiple times.  The victim was also chopped, his body ,and house was also set on fire .
The dancehall artist reportedly slapped a man in his face, as a retaliation from an incident between the man and his 16 year old son.

Shortly after, Mavado nearly lost his life, when his motor car was shot up by the same man, with whom he had the conflict ,and two other men.

Following the incident, Mavado is said to have left the country for  the United States and law enforcement officers stated that, he is still expected to come in to the police.

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