IOJ Using Mobile Exhibit to Promote Jamaica’s Heritage

Jamaica News: The Institute of Jamaica (IOJ) is using its mobile exhibition to promote Jamaica’s culture and heritage and highlight the activities of the institute.

Speaking with JIS News at the just-concluded Eighth Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference, IOJ’s Assistant Education Officer, Stephanie Rose, said the mobile display is part of the entity’s outreach programme “where we take artefacts with us into schools or businesses so that [persons can] become more aware of their culture and history”.

She said that the exhibit, which includes two 55-inch LED televisions and touch-screen kiosks, is an attempt to utilise technology to increase engagement with the public.

“When persons visit a museum, you see them using their devices to capture our displays, so we thought, ‘why not bring technology to them’. We are aiming to engage our audience to get them more involved in an interactive way using these innovative tools,” she explained.

Miss Rose said that the mobile exhibit had received “overwhelmingly positive responses” since it was introduced last year.

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“People really enjoy this new addition to our exhibit, especially children, as a lot of what we do involves children and they are fascinated with technology. Children are very tactile and that’s why we have something like the touch-screen kiosks, so that they can engage with the information in a whole new way,” she said.

The Assistant Education Officer is urging Jamaicans to visit the IOJ and become immersed in their culture.

“We encourage persons to come and learn about our culture and history through the use of artefacts. Learning about your history inspires persons to become better citizens; they have a better sense of belonging, of who they are and from where they come,” she added.

The IOJ was one of various government agencies and departments showcasing their products and services as part of the MarketPlace and Government at Your Service exhibition at the Diaspora Conference, held at the Jamaica Conference Centre, downtown Kingston, from June 17 to June 20.


Source: JIS News


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