Intence Drops Video For New Single, ‘Deep Pockets’: Watch

Intence is driving full speed ahead in his dancehall career. Bolstered by the weight of his ‘Deep Pocket’, the ‘Go Hard’ artiste whose real name is Tashawn Gabbidon is putting in the work to support the dreams outlined in his songs.

He has left nothing to the imagination of his fans, haters, or well-wishers, as he again compliments lyrics with video production for his latest single entitled ‘Deep Pocket’.

Released on May 19, 2020, the ‘flossing’ track sends a clear message that the artiste is now making money and is no longer beating the books. The Mona High old boy declares, “Just lef school an a boss life style, a yessideh mi fling weh mona tie”.

Intence has said it plain and straight, no beating around the bush. Without a single expletive, the artiste makes it clear, he is in deep meditation and conscious determination to make and enjoy his money. Only money is on his mind, even the girls have to join the line. No education or lyrical war contemplation; simply put, he says, ‘money pan mi mind’.

Set in an expensive mansion with a spectacular view, the ‘Done Wid The Badness’ deejay counts his money in the company of several females. As the imagery of money bets are placed with the roll of a dice, he classifies the depth of his and his associate’s pockets, in the category of owners of a refinery, Intence declares, “All about money, got money pan mi mind, dawg yuh nuh si di dollar sign; fren dem rich like seh wi sell oil…”

Under the influence of a spliff, the artiste flowed lyrics to the beats of the ‘Private Jet Riddim’, listing the assets which add to his ‘deep’ net worth. Pocket filled with money like a brinks truck, he showers the scantily clad females in his up top mansion bedroom, rhyming about his Mercedes Benz, Timberlands, and dark-tinted ride.

Money is one of the must-do topics in dancehall, where most of the acclaimed are natives of a financially depressing past and are rescued by the success found in the music. Assassin, now Agent Sasco, did ‘Money Machine’ in 2007, and guess who has dominated with a slew of money tunes? Yes, Vybz Kartel himself. He closed 2014 with ‘Money Pan Mi Brain’; he then searched the streets for the minted commodity in 2016 with ‘Money Mi a Look’. The Teecha also did, ‘Mi Waan Money Fi Spen’ as well as ‘Trail a Load a Money’, which was primarily about him taking care of his mommy.

Only time will tell if in a few years to come Intence will truly be rotten rich with a catalog of hit songs and a pocket as deep as a well.

Watch the new visuals for Deep Pockets below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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