Intence Drops Another Banger Track ‘Dawg Dem’ – Watch

Dancehall artiste Intence seems to be making great strides in the world of dancehall as he continues building a compelling portfolio of music. His latest single Dawg Dem for example is as insightful as it gets and the new visuals added in part by Kd Visuals 876, stages a masterful composition.

Intence VEVO premiered the new music video today April 10th under Gego Don Records, accounting a true story, which took place in Kingston, Jamaica on August 20th, 1999. It’s a tale of friendship going back in time under horrid circumstances. There, a heated moment spurred a grave mistake causing one to lose many years of freedom. See the impactful video below.

The lyrics blanket a clear and authentic description of friendship; Intence says it’s a simple deed to be a friend to his dawgs. In the intro of the track, he drops an uncomplicated phrase that goes – “If yuh love badness, mi buy yuh a SLR. If yuh love vehicle mi buy yuh a couple car” – simple! He will support his friends unconditionally because that’s what real friends do.

It’s evident that the young deejay has had many life experiences and has just begun to scratch the surface with imparting these sagas. Like a storyteller he draws his listeners in with his musical tales. Simply listen to his tracks like Right Or Wrong, Dream Life, Tears Dem Dry and heavyweight releases like Done Wid The Badness (1M views), Prime Time (1.2M views), Be Careful (1.2M views), Leave If Uh Waah Leave (1.9M views) and Go Hard with a whopping 4.5M views.

They all talk about a journey of some sort or an experience Tashawn ‘Intence’ Gabbidon has gone through. While some are riddled with criminal scenarios (they are just his realities) they are not all-consuming like many of the overly crass and ‘fully loaded’ gun tunes taking over the industry right now.

Dawg Dem seems to be right inline with his other successes, already accumulating over 50k views and counting. Just look at what the fans are saying: “Song Bad   Video Bad   Who Else Say Intence A Bad Artiste Turn This Blue”, “This song  coming like a story”, “Dawg me did know seh you a go blow up like ntn. A just a matter a time look weh yuh deh now. Yah big artist now yah!”, “Yow deh youth yah ago fly pass nuff a dem   yow gwaan whul yo composure youth and be more positive  ”.

Check out the official music video for Dawg Dem here –


Source: Dancehallmag

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