Intence Digs Deep To Deliver His New Single ‘Right Or Wrong’: Watch

Dancehall deejay Intence flosses some intense rhymes in his new single Right Or Wrong. The profound track was voiced on the Dengue Riddim and produced by Countree Hype Entertainment. Whereas the music video, which debuted on March 31st on IntenceVEVO and YouTube, credits Kid Visuals 876 for its illustrative work of art.

This is already looking like a pretty successful single for the young deejay, as the view counts on YouTube have already exceeded 150k streams, 15k Likes combined with a long thread of over 800 celebratory fan reaction.

Intence, given name Tashawn Gabbidon, originally from Tavern in the Papine area of Kingston, digs deep down to conjure some weighty verses to relate a series of grim ghetto-life experiences that he has seemingly come to know. His lyrics reveal as much, if you listen closely he states, “Tell dem bout the board house, di zinc fence. Poverty sufferation build Intence”.

The intro of the video highlights a Jamaican proverb, ‘Use sleep mark death’ which explains – read the signs around you and don’t let people or events catch you unaware. Intence uses the phrase in his lyrics saying, “Dem say fi use sleep mark death but all now mi nu sleep walk yet. So nuttn in a life could make di G wah fret. Many nightmares dream of death and still yet”.

So while he has seen death in his dreams it hasn’t taken his life, as he has remained intuitive to his surroundings. He protects him self further by not trusting people, adding his own aphorisms in the song saying “ Yuh can see a man face but cant see him heart”. Also making it known (as no dancehall tune is complete without the mention) that his gun is always close, “The 4.5 nuh left me side whether it right or wrong. Me put me trust in a me gun nuh put me trust in a man”.

Like many of his other tracks, Intence platforms real life experiences in a world many fans can either relate to or find intriguing. The compelling message is also amplified through the music video where several actors deliver a terrific presentation in a rich depictive plot to bring the song the life.

Check out the scenes in Intence’s new music video Right Or Wrong below –


Source: Dancehallmag

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