Intence Denies Dissing Vybz Kartel In Leaked Voice Note, Kartel Responds

Embattled Dancehall artiste Intence has denied claims that he made disparaging remarks towards Vybz Kartel in a leaked voice note that has been making the rounds on social media.  The voice in the leaked audio recording states the obvious, that Kartel, who is currently serving a 32.5 years to life sentence for murder, has limited female companionship.

Kartel has also replied to the contents of the leaked audio recording, calling Intence a “neva see, come see”, a Caribbean saying for someone who goes to ridiculous extremes after experiencing something new.

On Friday, a recording that was purported to be that of Intence was shared on social media and several YouTube channels. In it, the singer was allegedly heard saying: “a jail kartel deh yuh kno, barely ah get p#$$y yuh dog.”

“We deh a road a f— di wul a de gal dem him jus a imagine fi f— right now. yeng badness right through man yo hear”, the voice says.

The leaked voice note arrives after Intence released the official video for Question on Monday April 13th, which opens with a mocking word-throwing voice over from Intence saying, “Some man nah get nuh cr-tches, dem fi stop chat; a holiday alone dem f—, dem nuh dat hot”.   Gaza fans called the video a low blow at the Worl’ Boss who may only see close friends and family on holidays.

Intence, whose real name is Tashawn Gabbidon, said on Saturday that the voice on the recording was not his, and that he would never wish jail on anybody.

Speaking to popular YouTube vlogger and artiste, Terro Don, the Done Wid The Badness singer said, “we nah wish bad pon no man, dawg you zeen. Nuthin beat freedom, bro”.

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The singer said he would not be happy to see the downfall of others. “We nah pree no man, bro. We out here ah do we own thing and we nuh give a f— who nah like we, and who deh pon wha side, you hear dat”, Intence continued in a voice recording to Terro Don.

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Yesterday in the comments section of one of his Instagram posts, Vybz Kartel seemingly responded to the new contention.  He replied to a fan who praised the deejay for always having “hottest” girls in his videos.  “A Bare hot gal Features the boss ,while sum bowy a feature some waste gal ana try style di boss”, the fan said.

Kartel responded to the comment in typical style, “bro di amount a gyal me f— da mongrel de dont even know that amount a humans. Plus none a him gyal dem no make one. So it go when ‘neva see come see’”.

The Kartel-led Gaza camp and fans squared off against the young deejay last week, after the Worl’ Boss took umbrage at the fact that Intence’s single Tears Dem Dry held onto the No.1 Trending Spot in YouTube Jamaica for several hours after the release of Kartel’s mega collab, Up Top Gaza featuring TeeJay.

Vybz Kartel questioned, in a Instagram post, how he could be beaten out for number one by a youngster and called out Intence by accusing him of buying YouTube views in order to be trending. “Somn wrong wid @vevo? or a some guys a buy trending?”, he asked.

Intence quickly clapped back and made a post of his own saying that he won’t be baited and suggested that Kartel catch his night’s sleep. Kartel then followed up with another diss saying, “If your music dont pass norman manley airport stfu peasant!”

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Sikka Rymes and Vybz Kartel

Gaza VP Sikka Rymes backed up his boss with an expletive-laden diss track entitled Dem Nuh Bad on April 13th. To which, Intence said he would not respond, as he would only be making Rymes famous.

Intence has flatly denied buying YouTube views. “We never buy views nuh time. Dat never come to we mind yet. We fan base just a grow now. We have songs weh have millions of views. How dem never say we buy views then? Why now?”, the Go Hard singer said in an interview with the STAR.

Several fans agreed that the voice on the leaked audio seemed to be not that of Intence. “That a no intence fight them a try fight the youth”, said one user.

While others argued that it really doesn’t matter.

“So what if Intense diss Kartel? wtf? So Kartel can diss people and don’t get back diss?”, one commenter said. “Suh bredda kartel can diss anybody, N him nuffi get diss. When him sey you is no Star. Anuh diss him a diss intense!!”, another agreed.

“Even if it was him, mi nuh see him a wish nothing bad a just the truth”, added another fan.



Source: Dancehallmag


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