Intence And Wahs’ ‘DM Full Up’ Video Gets Mixed Reactions From Fans

Intence and Wahs have teamed up for a new song and video entitled, DM Full up. The song, released today, can best be described as an extreme case of the gyalis lifestyle.

“Me full ah gyal, nuff nuff gyal….me ah gyalis in a real life, me nuh hurry come up…” Wahs sings in the chorus. The video is a carefree one which shows females gyrating and having a good time in a swimming pool as well as champagne popping men smoking and socializing.

Intence uses this video to emphasize his manhood and dominance, with lyrics such as:

Gyal whey never suck [email protected]@d, me tun inna go-go
Just a likkle f#$k, me nuh want none ah unu
Nuh hol’ hand, nuh hug up, nuh kiss up, honestly it better if you shut up
She video me ah f#$k it and send it viral
Gyal head mash up like accident a road

Such content, however, did not sit well with several female listeners who took to Instagram to voice their disgust.

“What garbage is this????,” said one.  “UNUH realize say this is total disrespect to y’all females,” added another.

“Male Artiste why unuh music a sound so disrespectful towards women  ,” chimed in another female fan.

Meanwhile, the reception was quite different on YouTube, where fans applauded the deejay for “never disappointing.”  “Yow the song tuff other than prekeh don obeah……me rate the artist yf…all detta fans support the yeng boss,” said one supportive fan.

Intense, whose real name is Tashawn George Gabbidon originates from Tavern in Kingston 6 and has been igniting the dancehall with his growing catalog.  He has been described as a rising star with releases such as Yeng, Go Hard, and Antisocial.  DM Full Up is his second released since he was involved in a car accident on July 14 where the right side of his white Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 was severely damaged, and he was hospitalized.  Guidance was released soon after the accident.

Watch DM Full Up below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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Feeding Programme – Le Antonio’s Foundation

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