Inside Adele’s weight loss: Experts sound off on her new look

She’s shedding more pounds than tears these days.

Adele‘s dramatic weight loss has transformed the star’s appearance, shocking her celebrity pals and leaving many fans to wonder if she’s done more than switch up her diet and workout to achieve her new look.

Page Six spoke with top celebrity plastic surgeons who sounded off on whether they think the “Rumor Has It” singer has undergone any cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Ramtin Kassir, who has not treated Adele himself, told us Wednesday he believes the 32-year-old singer may have added filler to her jawline because it appears more “pronounced.”

“It absolutely could be her own jawline that was exposed [after the weight loss], but it’s so clean-looking now and it’s so tight that it just wouldn’t shock me if she had a little bit of extra help,” he said. “I think she could have had just a little bit of what we call jawline contour with fillers to enhance the angulation of the corner of the jaw — where your jaw angles up by your earlobe — and the jawline as it comes down and meets the chin.”

The board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon, who has been in practice for nearly 24 years, said it also would not be “out of the ordinary” if the singer got a bit of filler in her lips and Botox on parts of her face, judging by “the position of her eyebrows.”

“You can always do a little bit of Botox to smooth out the skin and reposition her eyebrows a couple of millimeters, and get rid of the crow’s feet,” Kassir said. “You can even achieve a bit more of a cat-eye or fox-eye look when you do Botox. You can also reduce little tiny, tiny wrinkles, even though she’s young, around the corners of the mouth, corners of the eyes, in between your eyebrows and forehead.”

Dr. Howard Sobel, a board-certified dermatologic surgeon, agreed that it appears Adele may have had some Botox and filler injected into her face.

“Given her weight loss, she would have also lost facial volume, leading her features to droop,” he explained to us Wednesday. “Since she looks fresh-faced and wrinkle-free, I suspect that she has had fillers in multiple facial areas, including her nasolabial folds and Botox on the upper third of her face.”

Adele, who reportedly lost 100 pounds, has not commented on how exactly she transformed her figure, but she has been spotted in workout clothes, which implies she hit the gym to lose her weight.

Regardless of how she did it, Kassir said he always recommends that his patients reach their goal weight before undergoing any cosmetic procedures — unless they plan to target an area of their face that will remain unaffected by weight loss, like frown lines or vertical lip lines.

“Those kinds of things aren’t going to change with weight loss,” he explained. “But if somebody comes in, for example, for a facelift and they’re going to lose some weight, I prefer that they lose a decent amount of weight first so that I can see if I need to contour the fat in their face or not before I do a proper facelift, which is a muscle lift. Same thing with the cheeks. The cheeks I don’t touch unless your weight is stable.”

Both doctors said Adele’s new look suits her well.

Sobel added, “I think Adele looks wonderful! It’s great to see that she seems to be looking and feeling her best. At the age of 32, her body is still quite resilient and can bounce back from such dramatic weight loss quite easily.”

A rep for Adele declined to comment.


Source: Page Six

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