Inpha Reblitive On Sting, New Music and Grammy Feature with Tommy Lee

After gracing the stages of Sting 2022, Dancehall artiste Inpha Reblitive definitely showed patrons why he deserves the attention he is currently getting.

Inpha Reblitive began making an impact on the Dancehall scene with singles like ‘Dial’ and From The Pit To The Pulpit’.

How Did You Land A Sting Performance?

I was at a show called Trend Fest in Old Harbour when Laing saw my talent and decided to speak to the promoter about booking me for Sting. My management, Naviigator Entertainment, received the confirmation and I immediately began rehearsing. This was my first time working with a live band but it was a great first experience because the band members were encouraging and it was greatly appreciated, much respect to the Curfew Band. I am thankful for the opportunity because other promoters have been contacting my team since I performed,” Shared Inpha.,,

After a dominating performance at Sting, the buzzing new artiste decided to release ‘Young Rich Gad’, a collaborative project with Reggae Selecta UK.

The single has since been garnering rave reviews.

With his career on a musical high, Inpha has disclosed that he has a soon to be released collaboration with Dancehall star Shane O titled ‘Alone’ for which his team already shot an official video.

Grammy Feature

In addition to his career-boosting Sting debut, Inpha Rebelitive is expressing gratitude to Dancehall heavyweight Tommy Lee for recognizing his talent by adding him to his ‘Transition’ Album which is currently being considered for a Grammy.

The artiste collaborated with Tommy Lee on his track ‘Spinnerz’.

Additional singles to be released by Inpha includes his much anticipated collaboration with Gold Gad- a Naviigator-produced track, and his single ‘Roses and Wreath’.

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