Indigent Family Gets House

Indigent Family Gets House in Westmoreland

A $10 million two-bedroom house was handed over to a family in the in Moreland Hill community of Westmoreland on Friday, December 9, under the Indigent Housing Programme by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

The family– Antoinette Bowers, Winsome Jones, Candice Coke and Barrington McIntosh—received the keys to their new home after living in dilapidated board structure in substandard conditions for more than a decade.

Indigent Family Gets House

On hand to present the unit was Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Desmond McKenzie, who also officially opened the Cold Hill Road that was repaired for approximately $7 million.

“We have not just built a house, but the house is fully furnished. They got a bathroom with a toilet, kitchen all the things that you would put in your own personal house, wash tub, washing machine, refrigerator, stove, beds TV, fans and more, McKenzie explained.

“We acknowledge the physical challenge that Miss [Jones] face. So, we not only built the house, but we have also made access via a ramp to the house considering her physical challenge. So, all the way up is an easy wheelchair ride,” he added.

McKenzie said more housing solutions are incoming for indigent families living in communities such as Lennox Bigwoods, Grange Hill, Belvedere, and more.

“We are searching, finding, and gradually doing what we can to assist those persons who are in need,” he added.

Member of Parliament for Westmoreland Western, Morland Wilson, said the Indigent Housing Programme is a “beacon of hope” for people across Jamaica and demonstrates the Administration’s commitment to being “intuitive, responsive and caring.”

Additionally, MP Wilson noted that the initiative is also nonpolitical, and the McIntosh family is a testament to that notion.

“This is a caring government that continues to look out for the people of Jamaica and the people of Western Westmoreland. Through my office as Member of Parliament, we have supported more than 600 persons across the constituency with small grants for housing assistance to repair their rooms, doors, windows, etc.,” he outlined.

“Recently, through the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, we have supported 100 small individuals across the constituency with housing grants,” he added.

Recipient, McIntosh, in expressing thanks, lauded the Local Government Ministry, Westmoreland Municipal Corporation, and all the stakeholders involved in construction of the indigent house.

“I thank anybody who give me the opportunity to take me out of the old house that I was in because I was under big stress,” he said.


By Alan Lewin

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