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Ochi Jet Ski Crash, Indian Tourist Found Not Guilty of Manslaughter

St Ann, Jamaica (McN) — A tourist visitor to Jamaica from India, who was charged with manslaughter in the 2014 Ochi Jet Ski crash, when the jet ski he was driving crashed into a group of people killing a seven-year-old girl and injuring others, was freed in the St Ann Circuit Court on Friday.

Reports are that Ranjan Mandya, 32-year-old Indian native, who was on vacation in the island on August 17, 2014, was driving a jet ski on the Ocho Rios Bay Beach when the vehicle lost control and crashed into the family at the beach.

The accident caused the death of  Tanoya Hyman of Christiana, Manchester, who was sitting on the beach with family members, including two sisters.

Mandyal was arrested and charged with manslaughter and later received bail. Represented by attorney Linton Gordon, he returned from India to Jamaica for several times for court hearings before the case was tried in the St Ann Circuit Court this week.

A seven-member jury returned in Ranjan Mandyal favour with a verdict of a not guilty of manslaughter on Friday afternoon.

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