Last week head of the Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM) came forward and made a public pronouncement that it has been discovered that police officers are planting guns on a number of crime scenes, and they will now be carrying out investigations into this matter.

The police High Command after hearing the pronouncement made by INDECOM, has sent out a press release informing the Independent Commission of Investigation to provide them with proper documentation so they can carry out their own internal investigation and bring these corrupt officers to justice.

Our news team has learned that over a period of time, investigators attached to the Independent Commission of Investigation have gone to various crime scenes and they said alleged firearm have surfaced allegedly more than one time and pointed out to be the weapon taken from alleged gunmen who have been fatally shot by the police.

The Police High Command in their news release and stated that the JCF takes these allegations very seriously and they would like the matter to be probed further.

They have also indicated that an audit is carried out at least three times each year by the Inspectorate of Constabulary (IOC) and the Ministry of National Security. It is stated that these audits last up to four weeks.

The police say they will now be carrying out immediate investigations, and they are now assuring the public that if any such findings are proven to be true these corrupt cops will be brought to justice.

By Henry Bucknor

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