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INDECOM Probes Police Shooting Death of Man on South Camp Road

Jamaican Police

St. Andrew, Jamaica (McN) – INDECOM began investigation into the fatal shooting of a man by police along South Camp Road in St. Andrew, Monday morning.

Reports are that three (3) police on duty were driving along South Camp Road when they observed four (4) men walking along the bank of the gully next to South Camp Road.

The officers then called out to the men, motioning them to stop, while shining the headlights from the police vehicle towards the gully. The men reportedly opened fire at the police. The police returned fire, hitting and fatally wounding one of the men.

The other three (3) men escaped on foot.

According to police report, the same man shot and killed was involved in an arson and, another shooting incident under investigation.

Director of INDECOM’s complaints department for the eastern division, Mr. Nigel Morgan said a forensic examination of the scene has been conducted. He is asking eye witnesses of the shooting incidents to come forth with information.

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