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Indecom Probe Fatal Shooting of Alleged Gunman in Kingston

Police seek Witness for Court

The Independent Commission of Investigation INDECOM has now commenced an investigation into the fatal shooting of a man, in Kingston 13, on Tuesday night. January 8th.

The dead man has been identified as Tevin Headly, otherwise called ” Tev” of Brae Street, in Kingston 16.

Reports by the police are that on Tuesday night, a team of officers was carrying out patrols duties along with a section of Norman Avenue when they spotted a group of men.

Upon seeing the lawmen approaching, the men brandished handguns and open fire at the police.

The fire was returned, and Headly was shot and killed.
A Intratec  9mm, pistol fitted with a magazine containing four live 9mm, rounds were taken from the alleged gunman

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