Indecom Launch Investigation, into Incident Where St Andrew Police Corporal is Alleged to have Shot His Wife, and Own Son

The Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM) confirmed that it has now commenced investigation into circumstances that led to an incident, where a Police Corporal attached to the Jamaica Constabulary Force, is alleged to have shot and injured his wife, and own son, following an incident at their home in Keats Avenue, Duhaney Park, St Andrew, on Wednesday morning, April 21.

INDECOM has indicated that a team of investigators has processed the scene, and the officer in question who failed to comply, has been summoned to come in and give a statement.

Also, the conditions of the wounded son and his wife are not yet known, but reports are that the incident allegedly occurred after all three parties got involved in an argument.

Reports are that the police corporal and other family members were at home when an argument developed between him and his son.

During the dispute, the son was shot and injured, allegedly by his father, who is also a licensed firearm holder.  His wife who allegedly tried to quell the dispute was also injured by the same bullet.

Reports are also that both victims were rushed to hospital by the officer, where they were treated and admitted in stable condition.

INDECOM also stated that a firearm belonging to the police officer was taken to be tested.

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