Indecom Boss Seeks Eyewitnesses to Alleged Police Beating at Baywest

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Jamaica News, March 14, 2018 – Indecom Boss Seeks Eyewitnesses                                                          

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Director of Complaints for the Western Regions Office of the  Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM), Errol Chattoo,  say they are now calling on eyewitnesses and persons who video recorded an altercation between a police officer and a Back-up man in downtown Montego Bay on Tuesday evening to come forward.

Mr. Chattoo told our news team that, following the incident where the officer allegedly used a baton to break the ankle of the civilian, INDECOM have gone ahead and gotten the identities of both the officer involved and the civilian.

He further stated that,  they will now be going to the Cornwall Regional Hospital to record a statement from the man in question and also the police officer will be asked to come in where he too will be questioned.

Voice Clip: Director of Complaints for the Western Regions Office of INDECOM, Errol Chattoo

Reports are that shortly after 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 13, the police officer who is assigned to the Freeport Traffic Department was on patrol duties along Harbor Street in downtown Montego Bay. The officer went over to caution a bus operator who was operating illegally from a makeshift Falmouth taxi stand, in the vicinity of the Baywest Shopping Centre.

On seeing the policeman approaching, the bus operator drove away and the officer then turned to the man who is known as “Bruce”, and who acts as a Back-up man from that said location.

It is further reported that the officer was in the process of cautioning the accused when he began to use a number of expletives.

The officer then reached for his handcuff and walked over to the accused, while informing him that he was going to arrest him for the use of the expletives.

The accused man refrained from being locked up and it resulted in a physical confrontation with the officer.  The officer pulled his baton and allegedly used it to hit the accused to a section of his ankle which resulted in it being fractured.

The officer then called for back up and the man was later taken to hospital where he was treated and reportedly charged for the use of expletives.

In the meanwhile, several eyewitnesses are now crying foul and are saying the use of force by the officer was not necessary because the accused man was not a threat.

A team from INDECOM say they are aware of the incident and are now carrying out investigations.

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