Increased Crime Does Not Greatly Impact the Funeral Community

A passionate Mr. Calvin Lyn, president of the Jamaica Association of Certified Embalmers and Funeral Directors, sought to clarified that the souring murder rate does not equated to the “cloud-nine effect” for funeral directors.

Lyn expressed that his group is highly concerned because they are humans too. He spoke on the human relations, and the ties, of family that closely affects the relationships of the funeral directors; and the psychology of lost at affects the business community.

The president state that it is unanimous that, had he the power, the industry would risk fewer business to curtail the crime problem in the country by working with the law enforcement. He was speaking to the increase in crime as oppose to the previous year; where, we recorded 233 deaths thus in 2020, a 10% from 2019 figure.

Contrary to popular belief, funeral homes are not benefiting a great deal financially from the increase in murders. Packages are constantly being adjusted to assist financially strained families.

Patrick Williams, vice-president of the association stated that:  “Sometimes it’s not all about the money, but it’s about helping. Families will come and they are really struggling, and we try to nonetheless provide them with a dignified funeral.”

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