Increase Education & Decrease Poverty in Jamaica

Poverty and Education are 2 of the most discussed topics in Jamaica . I started this movement to increase education and decrease poverty. My motto is every child must learn and will learn, in order to accomplish this task every child must be equipped with the basic necessities food, shelter and school supplies.

I speak of personal experience whistle my peers were equipped i was not. I made a commitment that I will ensure that no child experienced what I did going up in Jamaica .

Some of my projects i accomplished over the years are, i rebuilt a pre school in Portmore Jamaica to ensure kids are safe and they were learning in a conducive environment and to ensure a school feeding program was implemented to provide for those who could not afford it.

In May 2018 I visited a shelter in Long Island New York I provided kids with give book bags filled with school supplies, clothing, food and toiletries. In June 2018 i also went back home to Jamaica to host series of events in Kingston and Portmore i provided 350 kids with book bags filled with school supplies and provided our seniors citizens with groceries bag and fed the homeless in Kingston.

My plan for June 2019 is to provide 500 kids with book bags filled with schools, feed our seniors and feed in the homeless in Kingston and Portmore Jamaica .

To offset the cost we seek sponsorship from our close friends and families please let me know if you can assist

Thank you for your consideration.

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