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IMF Managing Director Caribbean Forum Participate

 Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)-  IMF Managing Director Caribbean Forum Participate: The Prime Minister’s Office has issued a release stating that the IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde will be among those participating in the Caribbean Forum.

The release stated that the IMF, as well as the Government of Jamaica, will be partnering to organize a forum entitled ” Unleashing Growth and Strengthening Resilience in the Caribbean”.

The forum is being put in place to focus on the unique issues the Caribbean is facing and possible opportunities that can be found to help cope with the changes in the global landscape. The focus will be diverted to crime and youth, unemployment, political cycles, fiscal policy, growth trade-offs and financial stability.

The event is really a follow-up to the Trinidad and Tobago High-Level Conference last year. This event will bring Caribbean heads of states, high-ranking officials from other Caribbean Islands, Central Bank Governors as well as IMF’s Managing Director, Senior IMF officials and other Financial Institutes. Also, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and Private Sector representatives will be present at the event.

In June 2014 the IMF managing director visited during the People’s National Party’s Administration economic reform program by then head of state Portia Simpson- Miller. The director saw the support as being of utmost importance and highlighted that it would be wise to maintain it to ensure progress and confidence.

She is proving true to her words to then Prime Minister Portia Simpson- Miller and then Minister of Finance Dr. Peter Phillips that she would return to enjoy the beauty of our country, to have the ultimate tourist experience and to spend money.


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