Illegal Gun Taken from Driver Who Attempted to Flee Police Spot Check

The Portmore police say they have arrested a motorist who was found in possession of an Illegal handgun, minutes after he attempted to elude a police spot check, and crashed into a wall, along Barracuda Avenue, in Braeton, Portmore, St Catherine, on Saturday, March 20.

The investigators have not yet released the identity of the accused.

Reports by the Portmore police are that about 5:23 am, a team of officers was conducting a spot check along a section of the roadway, when they signaled the driver of a white Honda Stream motor car to stop.

The driver refused and attempted to speed away from the location, but ended up crashing into a wall.

He was later apprehended, and following a search of his person, he was found in possession of a Taurus 9mm semi-automatic pistol, and a magazine containing three live 9mm rounds.

He was then taken back to his house where a Sig Sauer magazine containing one 9mm round was found.

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