Iconic Montego Bay Tree Fell Causing Major Power Outage – Omen?

Montego Bay, St James (Mckoy’s News) – An Iconic Montego Bay Tree that was growing for several years at a section of Queens Drive and Howard Cooke Boulevard intersection in Montego Bay fell on Tuesday morning May 2, causing a big power outage in certain parts of the city.


The tree was a special place for people to shelter from the sun when waiting their rides. Many are wondering what could have caused this healthy looking tree to fall. A lady near the scene told our reporter that she feared it was an omen to troubles facing the second city of Jamaica.


A visit to the scene saw Jamaica Public Service (JPS) workmen carrying out the necessary work to restore power.


 Iconic Montego Bay Tree
Alan Lewin Photo


As a consequence of the fallen tree, the police were also called in to help regularized traffic in this area as the lights on the traffic signal were also affected. Many people on the scence were glad that no life was lost, because many people traverse this section of Montego Bay on a daily basis going to and from work.


 Iconic Montego Bay Tree
Alan Lewin Photo


Per the Jamaica Public Service, power is expected to be retored to the area by 4 pm on Tuesday.

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