I-Octane Delivers A Serious Message With Clean Video For ‘Friend Killa’: Watch

Dancehall artiste I-Octane addresses the serious issue of betrayal amongst friends in the official video for Friend Killer.  The song, produced by Damage Musiq on the High Supremacy Riddim, was uploaded to YouTube yesterday and already has over 15 000 views.

The High Supremacy Riddim is slower than the regular Dancehall beat and it’s evident that I-Octane, whose real name is, Byiome Muir, chose the beat so that fans could focus more on the lyrics as this topic seems to hit home for the artiste.

The video, directed by Bling Blang, opens on a fishing village in Jamaica and tells a story of two friends, who are fishermen, who seem very close but end up being torn apart because of jealousy over a woman.

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He sings that this is one of the reasons that he doesn’t depend on anybody and adds: “smile in yah face when yuh fall like the leaf dem under the tree.” He continues: “Friend Killa sick meh stomach bad. Dem show the most love in ah de first part but as life reach the rough part dem same men ah buss yuh head.”

The two friends share interest in the same woman but she chooses one over the other. As the video progresses that friend moves on with the woman and seems to be starting a family while the other friend can be seen cut out of the once tight friendship. Eventually they argue and begin to threaten one another.

One of the friends uses the cover of night to cut the other’s fishing net and his source of income just as he is expecting his woman to have a baby. In the most moving part of the video one of the friends pretend to want to help and as they sail out into the night to fish, the expectant father stabs his friend and is thrown off the boat.

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He doesn’t die and returns to shore with a crew who then storm the house of the woman, who is now seen with the other friend and even though it’s not shown, it seems both are shot to death. The end of the video reveals that it was the woman who got between the friends and encouraged them to turn on each other as she was playing both of them.

The video’s storytelling is refreshing and the acting is superb as it tells the story of many youths around the world who experience jealously from close friends over their growth. It also addresses the fact that many of these situations can become violent and that often times friends don’t know that they are being manipulated.

I-Octane’s vocals are given the primary focus on the track and the lyrics are solid and will surely touch Dancehall fans in a special way.

His fans have already begun to comment and have shown nothing but love for the song.

“Yes I octane them song yah we want family. Real real real big chune this. Great song man,” said one fan who was appreciate of the artiste returning to his more familiar style,” another said

“This Artist talk from heart ☛Nuh like fren kill dawg big up #IOCTANE fe tha one yah,” and another added: “out deh real song real life.”

There’s nothing but love in the comments as I-Octane comes out with another strong Dancehall track that focuses on a topic that probably is rampant in Jamaica and the Dancehall genre.


Source: Dancehallmag

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