S- Unnu Mumma! I-Octane Curses those who reached out to him after Klansman Gang Connection Story

I-Octane has a few words for those who’ve reached out to him following the revelation by a witness in the Klansman trial that he (the witness) and head of the gang, Andre “Blackman” Bryan, made several visits to the entertainer’s studio on Dunrobin Avenue in Kingston.

The entertainer shared a video with his almost 700k followers,  laced with expletives with the caption: “BIG UP DI REAL PEOPLE DEM…But you see di one who just start call call me phone out of di blues ( MI NEVER KNOW SAY UNNU STILL HAVE MI # SAME WAY] all of sudden mi important fi unnu interviews and unnu platforms… so suck unnu mumma and call mi rass fone… MAROON BLOOD INNA VEINS MI WARRIOR… A views unnu a look keep di same energy.”

The “Lose A Friend” deejay had denied any involvement with the gang earlier this week via his Instagram.

“First thing, no one escort me to the studio. Do your research. People in the music can tell you I have my own recording studio, so when anybody wants to do any form of recording dem meet me at the studio. Next thing, why would I do a crime and have my little daughter at the crime scene? So if having my daughter who loves music at my studio when I am recording so she can learn more, plus voicing for a known recording company, where is the crime?… I have come across nuff yute who inna badness because of their background but come to me and say: ‘DJ help take me out of badness’. Note, I don’t know nothing about dem badness but dem ask for help…”



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