I Gave My Child To Another Man Because The Right Father Was Too Poor

CONFESSION:-  When I was about 17years of age, I got intimate with two best friends in their early 20s. Then at the age of 18, I met another man that I fell In love with.

The problem was, he had very little but still did his best to care for me. By then I was juggling between all three men without either of them having the knowledge about each other.

Eventually, I got pregnant for the one that had very little. Knowing I was sleeping with all three unprotected I decided to tell all three about it.  One wanted me to abort it,  as he was making his way through collage and said a child would be too much responsibility for him.  The other said he was willing to take care of the child but he was awaiting his file to migrate overseas, well he was quite wealthy and didn’t have to feel for a dollar.

As for my very poor man I started to be very disrespectful just to keep him away from me. I even told him it wasn’t his child and I was getting married to the father.  That was so not true.  But I needed to keep him away to avoid any suspicions.

As time passes my baby was born. An adorable little girl. She was the splitting resemblance of my poor boyfriend which I knew deep within my heart was really her father, but I thought he was too poor to care for my child.

Now the father I gave her to eventually migrated and since then I haven’t heard from him.  It became a challenge for me financially caring for my child.

Until one day my child and I were in the supermarket when a lady approached us and said to my daughter young lady you are the exact image of my son.  She then showed a photo of her son.
I was shocked. It was my poor boyfriend. I was so embarrassed I just smiled and walked away with my daughter.

On our way out of the supermarket, we bounced upon him, as he was awaiting his mother to get out of the supermarket. I could see the tears in his eyes as he stared at my daughter.

He then pulled me aside and said WHY ARE YOU SO WICKED TO ME? WE BOTH KNOW SHE IS MY DAUGHTER!  I was so embarrassed I started crying. He tried to comfort me and not make it obvious.

He then told me he’s still single and never stopped loving or thinking about me and would be happy to take me back with my child and start over as a family because without any DNA he knows that he’s the father of my daughter.  He also told me that he now has his own business and we could work together and take care of our child.

We are now happily married and expecting our son in a few months.
I had to confess about it and hope someone else will learn from my story.

Highly Blessed.  JAMAICA.

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