I-Fight Promotion’s Night of Explosive Boxing

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I-Fight Promotion launched its first local fight card on Tuesday at Tracks & Records in Kingston with the promise of an explosive boxing fight card.

The fight card is scheduled for this Saturday at the Jamaica College Auditorium starting at 7:00 pm.  It will feature six professional bouts which will be headlined by Justin Mayweather of the USA.  He will battle Christian Foster who also hails from the USA.

There will be five boxers from the United States of America and five Jamaican boxers on the fight card.

The USA based boxers are Justin Mayweather, Christian Foster, Angel Martinez, Alvin Davie and Christopher Roderiquez

The Jamaican boxers are Jermaine Bowen, Alando Lewis. Fabian Tucker, Martin Anderson, Jermaine Richards.

The all-pro fight card match up reads:  Angel Martinez (USA) vs Jermaine Bowen, Alando Lewis vs Fabian Tucker, Christopher Roderiquez (US) vs Martin Anderson and Alvin Davie (USA) vs Jermaine Richards (debut).

The card was endorsed by the president of the Jamaica Boxing Board Stephen Bomber Jones who spoke at the launch.  “…big time.  It had the support of the boxing board for five years.  What I like about what this fight represents is not just an overnight, even though its being promoted today and the press conference is today advertising I-Fight Promotion.  Its been years in the making because Chris has been taking the time to learn the landscape to put his boxers together, to learn the Jamaica boxers and for him to say I feel confident enough now to bring it to the public to advertise on the level I think, I am very excited because he has learned the sport now, he has learned the country, and he knows the sport but he has learned it from a Jamaican perspective so I am excited.  I am very happy that I-Fight is bringing this on.

Head of I-Fight Promotion Chris Joy said that “it’s going to be very explosive.  We have fighters from the US as well as local Jamaican fighters.”  He also said that Justin Mayweather (brother of Floyd Mayweather Jr.), the headline boxer will be taking on Christian Foster but he also mentioned that Christopher Roderiquez from the I-Fight camp has a bright future in the sport.  He will be taking on Martin Anderson.

According to Joy, the time is right to stage this boxing fight card “why now, I wish it could be a little bit earlier but why not now.  Right now the time is right.  I wanted it to be a little bit sooner why now it’s perfect timing.”  He implored Jamaicans to come out and support explosive boxing.

Several boxers spoke at the launch and promised a very explosive night of boxing with all of them saying that they were going to win their bout.  Christopher Roderiquez promised that his fight will be “extremely explosive.  I trained extremely hard for this fight.  You are gonna see un-going pressure.  I am gonna pressure him from round to round four.  I am very confident on my cardio.  I trained very hard and you will see a KO in this fight.”

Martin Anderson replied by saying that he was ready for the fight “three months non-stop training and I am definitely conditioned for this fight, a mean I have too many people watching, I can’t lose, I refuse to lose. There will be hits after hits after hits. If he is not coming in there to hurt me, he might as not come in the ring cause I am going in there to hurt him, put him down either pon him back, him backside or the face.”

Promising Jamaica boxer Jermaine Bowen said, “you can always expect the best.”  He also said that his fights are always explosive and this one will be no different.  He invited the Jamaican public to come out early and enjoy a night full of explosive boxing.

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