Dear Mckoy: I Cheated On My Man For $2000

Dear Mckoy: I Cheated On My Man For $2000–  I am 18 years old and living with my grandma. My parents passed away from I was a baby,  so my grandma is all the family I know and sometimes she can hardly find food for both of us.

My situation led me to getting in a relationship with 38 years old man. Who I now have a 1year old child for.

Now ever since our child was born he hardly comes home and every week claims that his boss haven’t paid him.
So that means he has no money to give me to take care of our child.

The situation became unbearable and I was hungry my child and grandma was hungry and we had no one to turn to.
So I decided to barrow $1000 from my neighbor.

I called and asked my neighbor if he could lend me $1000 and he told me to come for it.  When I went to collect the $1000 he told me that I am a pretty girl and could do better and that he likes me.  He then said I could have sex with him and he would give me $2000 instead.
My family was hungry so I had sex with him and took the $2000.
Now I’m feeling guilty. Was I wrong for what I did?

Guilty. St Ann.

Dear Guilty; My condolences to you on the lost of your parents.
I’ll briefly say it is your man responsibility to help you in taking care of the child. And no you did nothing wrong. And should not feel guilty for your act.  You said you did it to feed your family. And since your man / child father fail to play his role as a father and a man to you.  I would say you did what any mother would have done to feed their child.

But despite all that I would advice that you try seeking a job to better assist you with your child.

Good Luck.

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