How Julian Robinson is Changing Students’ Lives in his Constituency through Mathematics

Latest Jamaica News, St Andrew (McKoy’s News): South East St. Andrew, member of Parliament, Julian Robinson, has staged his first-ever Mathematics camp for youth in the Nannyville community in his constituency, and according to the politician, there are many more such camps to come.

The camp was coordinated by Mathematics teacher Prince Royal and was held over a two-week period.

A lot of students have problems with Math.  It is almost as if they are afraid of Math and sometimes it is how it is taught, that you can use to overcome the phobia that people have of Maths,” the MP explained.

Prince is a Math teacher lives in the community and he said he would take on the responsibility of organizing the camp.  So I said all right, fine.  Let’s get it together,” Robinson added.

According to Royal, the camp was designed to help students in Nannyville to overcome math anxiety.

South East St. Andrew, member of Parliament, Julian Robinson
South East St. Andrew, member of Parliament, Julian Robinson

I am really pleased about the reaction of the students.  They showed us that they grasp the content really well and they are able to apply it to different scenarios in life and that was our aim; for them to really be able to use what they know in a real life scenario.  And that really shows that they understand what they learnt at camp,” he said.

For Robinson who is also PNP spokesman on Science and Technology, and a former management Consultant at IBM, he was pleased with the outcomes.

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I am very happy for an initiative for the first time that we had probably 35 to 40 students.  They certainly seem to have enjoyed it.  We are going to make it an annual fixture.  The important thing for me is that they learn the principles of Math; they can apply it when they go back to school and those who have that fear of Math can overcome it and be confident in using Math,” he explained.

We have to use math every day.  If you go to the supermarket, if you buy something you use math, so it is something which is a part of our everyday life and to the extent that I can help students to be better at math then I am happy with what we accomplished here over the last two weeks,” the Campion College old boy added.

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