Hotelier Omar Robinson who opposed State of Emergency in 2016 makes big about-turn in 2019

Hotelier Omar Robinson who opposed State of Emergency in 2016 makes big about-turn in 2019

Omar Robinson, President of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA), was the man at the forefront, strongly objecting to the implementation of State of Public Emergency in St. James, when Government Senator Charles Sinclair launched one-man advocacy, pleading profusely for the measure to be taken, back in 2016.

Today Robinson had done a complete about-turn and is still singing the praises of the State of Public Emergency that was implemented by the Andrew Holness administration in St James last year, and extended to neighbouring Hanover and Westmoreland two months ago.

Robinson spoke glowingly about the enhanced security measures during his presidential address at the Annual General Meeting of the JHTA at the Hilton Hotel in Rose Hall, on Saturday morning (June 29) and also called for the Government to stand firm on its decisions.

“We continued to be plagued by rising crime. January 2018 saw the end of the initial enhanced security measures, although the public wanted the measure to remain. Over the next three months, we saw a steady increase in crimes. On April 30, the Government re-implemented the Enhanced Security Measures in light of the rising murder levels in Western Jamaica, covering St. James, Westmoreland and Hanover,” Robinson said.

“Initially the JHTA felt that a return to the ESM would jolt the industry similar to 2018; however this was not the case. Along with the business community, we moved to show our support for the ESM this time around as it had previously helped to significantly cauterize the rising crime problem impacting our society,” the president added.

Mr. Robinson said Jamaica is on target to have one of its most robust winter seasons this year and pressed the Government remain resolute in its crime prevention efforts in the region.

“The reality is, that tourism is our lifeblood, and we are poised to have one of the best winter seasons. The Jamaica Tourist Board, along with the JHTA and other tourism partners, continue to manage any impressions created in our international markets. We urge the government not to water down the security measures, but continue to support the security forces with the resources to fight this monster,” Robinson stated.

He also commended the Government for its decision to spend J$7.4 billion on national security, up from $4 billion, which represents the largest increase in this year’ budget allocations.

“This is not only good news for tourism but welcome news for all Jamaicans. It is imperative that infrastructure and technology are implemented to fighting cringe so that we may all enjoy this beautiful island. We continue to support the Police and soldiers as they work to uphold law and order,” he said.


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