Horne refuses Senate appointment

Norman Horne says he will not be accepting appointment to serve as
Opposition Senator. Mr Horne was named by Leader of the
Opposition Dr Peter Phillips as one of eight Opposition Senators for
the new Parliament. However, Mr Horne was not yet sworn in and
says he’s to advise Dr Phillips and Governor General Sir Patrick
Allen that he will not accept the appointment.
Mr Horne says he believes the new Leader of the Party, to be elected
November 7, should be the one with the right to appoint the Senators.
The PNP is to elect a new President November 7 and Mr Horne says
should he be appointed now he would resign by November 6 to make
way for appointment of a new Senate by the new Leader.
“At this juncture, swearing in on Friday, October 16, 2020 as intended
would be in great contradiction with my convictions as I would be
resigning from the senate on November 6, 2020 to allow the new
leader of the People’s National Party to appoint Senators of his or her
The other seven members nominated by Dr Phillips have been
appointed and there is no requirement that they resign to give the new
Opposition Leader a free hand to appoint his or her share of Senators.
Mr Horne was being touted as a likely candidate for the Presidency
but two weeks ago he said the time given by the Party to contest the
elections was too short and he would not run.

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