Homeless man allegedly head-butted Florida cop after stealing gas station sandwiches

A homeless man allegedly spat at one Florida cop and then head-butted another officer while being arrested for swiping two gas station sandwiches, police reportedly said.

Andres Ramon Negron left without paying after he chowed down on two sandwiches inside a Shell station store, according to an arrest report obtained by WPLG.

The 31-year-old suspect ended up returning to the same Coral Gables station a short time later to grab an energy drink that led to a confrontation with a store worker, police alleged.

He allegedly slammed the drink down and slugged the employee in the back of the head, according to police, WPLG reported.

But his alleged violent streak was only getting started.

After leaving the store again, he was stopped by a cop and taken into custody, the arrest report states.

Andres Ramon Negron
Andres Ramon Negron was arrested on numerous charges.
Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation)

As one of the officers tried to put Negron in the back of a patrol car, the alleged perp spit at the officer three times and elbowed him twice, authorities alleged.

He then allegedly head-butted another cop before he was finally taken to the local correctional facility.

Negron, who is homeless, is facing charges of battery on a police officer, battery and petit theft, WPLG reported. He is also accused of violating the probation he was on and as of Monday is in jail in lieu of $12,000 bond.

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