Holness says nations disturbed and alarmed over mom’s death

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the nation is “rightfully disturbed, alarmed and saddened” by the reports concerning the events leading up to the death of 23-year-old Jodian Fearon.

The country has been outraged by reports of harrowing circumstances faced by the in-labour Miss Fearon in the health care system before she was finally taken in to have her baby.

Ms. Fearon died Friday after hours in labour and being turned away from three hospitals where she sought to have her baby. She died from complications after giving birth at the Spanish Town Hospital. The baby is alive.

In a statement Sunday afternoon, April 26, Mr. Holness said he had “received a preliminary briefing from the Minister of Health [and Wellness], Dr. Christopher Tufton on the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of a mother after giving birth.”

He said, “My heart goes out to the family and loved ones of young Jodian Fearon.”

Mr. Holness said Dr. Tufton had “assured me that a thorough investigation of the matter has been undertaken, including a review of all established protocols in and between the public and private healthcare systems.”

Mr. Holness said COVID-19 is placing additional strain on the nation’s resources but Jamaicans should never allow that to cause them to lose their humanity.”

Woman dies after childbirth following harrowing ordeal
Woman dies after childbirth following harrowing ordeal


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