Hit Man In Geddes Shooting Now In Custody

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Police say they have in their custody the man who is the contract killer in the
murder of Tamara Geddes in Trelawny.

The man was captured in Hanover, a few days ago. He is to face a series of
interviews before he is charged.

The police say they are unable to release the identity of the alleged contract
killer, who was arrested along with another man. However, they confirmed that
the hit-man, who hails from Granville in St James, was held at a premises in

Last week, detectives in Trelawny reported that a fifth person had been charged
in relations to the contract murder of 39-year-old, Trelawny woman, Tamara

The accused 55-year-old Owen Irving, farmer of Hampton district and Salt
Spring, St James, who is charged with murder and conspiracy to murder, later
confessed during an interview that he collected $250,000 from another female ,
who is also now in custody, to hire a hitman to kill Geddes.

Prior to his arrested, 33-year-old, Tashana Young, unemployed of Salt Spring
community in St James, 39-year-old, Nadeen Geddes, the older sister of the
deceased woman, along with her 21-year-old daughter Shanice Ruddock, and
her under age sister, were all remanded into custody when they appeared in the
Trelawny Parish Court.

The four accused who appeared before the court to answer to charges of Murder
and Conspiracy to Murder, are scheduled to be brought back to court next week.

Nadeen Geddes confessed to the police that she was the one who put up the
money to have a hit-man murder her own sister, while Young and Irving
allegedly acted as the couriers and transported the cash from Nadeen to the
contract killer.

Reports are that about 8:30 on Friday, June 19, Geddes and her 10-year-old
daughter were at home when a masked man who was armed with a handgun
forced his way inside the house, and held them at gunpoint.

The gunman demanded money, and proceeded to rob Geddes of $16,000 in
cash, and her two cell phones. He then attempted to rape Geddes, but when his
demands were not met, he opened fire killing her on the spot.

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