HFJ Renews Call For AEDs

HFJ Renews Call For AEDs

The Heart Foundation of Jamaica (HFJ) is reiterating its call for Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to be available for use across the island, especially in areas that have a high concentration of people.

Senior Manager for Health Services at the HFJ, Noelle Campbell, told JIS News that it is very important for organisations that see a particular number of people throughout the day, such as banks, schools and airports, to have AEDs in place.

“The need to have an AED on hand is incredible; sporting bodies, football fields, every stadium should have an AED, which can be sourced through the HFJ” Miss Campbell said.

In highlighting the importance of the AED, Miss Campbell, who is a registered nurse, cited a Euro 2020 football game where Denmark’s Christian Eriksen collapsed during a football game and received life-saving treatment on the pitch before being rushed to hospital.

“He recovered nicely because he was able to get the help required very quickly. The medical team responded. They used the AED on him, and so that is extremely important,” the Senior Health Services Manager reiterated.

She emphasised that the level of work that athletes put in physically that place the body under much stress daily.

“All members of any organisation which deals with athletes should have people who are trained in CPR first of all, and access to an AED at any sporting event,” Miss Campbell said.

She also highlighted that where an AED has been mounted, it is important to have persons who are trained in using the device.

“To have the AED on hand is the added benefit to ensure an increased chance of survival of anyone suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest,” the Senior Health Services Manager said.

The Heart Foundation of Jamaica is observing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Week 2021, August 23-28, under the theme Keep Pumping.

During the week a series of promotional activities will be held that are geared towards increasing public awareness around CPR and promoting community and bystander participation.


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