Heroes Park Development Will Improve People’s Lives – UDC Head

Jamaica News: General Manager at the Urban Development Corporation (UDC), Dr. Damian Graham, is assuring citizens in and around National Heroes Park that the Government is committed to the development of the area and improving their lives.

He said that the mandate of the UDC is to make development happen while enhancing people’s lives, and there is no intention to cause any disruption or dislocation.

“People’s lives cannot be better if they are removed from their community, so there are no plans to dislocate anyone,” he noted.

Dr. Graham was addressing a recent JIS Think Tank on the National Heroes Park Redevelopment Project (NHPRP).

The undertaking entails the proposed government campus, which includes a new Houses of Parliament building, development of National Heroes Park and a national museum in phase one, and ministerial offices, commercial space, parking garage and a hotel in phase two.

“The Government recognises that in the redevelopment of downtown to handle the level of commerce and economic activities in the modern era, infrastructure must be upgraded, so where better to start than our own central government services,” Dr. Graham said.

He informed that the UDC will be pursuing land acquisition to improve the housing stock in the area.

“Some of the properties that are there are dated in terms of their functionality and in some of the cases, the family members have outgrown the space. Therefore, we intend to make these persons’ lives better by improving the density with better housing stock with improved infrastructure within the space,” Dr. Graham noted.

He said that a social impact assessment will be conducted in a structured, orderly and fair manner in consultation with the residents, and the requisite compensation will be made where necessary.

The NHPRP will include green spaces with parks, football fields, basketball courts, and swings nestled within communities.


Source: JIS News

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