Hero Cop Returns to Work after Being Stabbed by Deranged Killer in Cascade, Hanover

Jamaica Crime News, Hanover: Our news team has been informed that Inspector Carl Brown,  who was attacked and stabbed by Keron Watson,  otherwise called “Timber” the 30-year-old man who severed the head of another man in the community of Cascade, Hanover on Saturday, July 28, is back on the job.

Our news team learned that the officer was stabbed by the deranged man who was shot and killed minutes later by another officer at his home in Cascade on Tuesday morning of July 31st.

Inspector Brown and his team are now considered to be heroes by members of the Cascade community, who were all living in fear of the mentally unstable man.

Our news team was informed that recently Watson who sported a beard and locks,  started to behave strangely recently.

Shortly after beheading his first victim, he clean-shaved his head and face, apparently to conceal his identity. He also threatened other youths in the communities that they would be next.

The Jamaica music fraternity was plunged into mourning after the passing of “Carrot” formerly of world renowned group Third World.

The Lucea police reported that on Monday night about  9:30 p.m.,  Watson went to the gate of  Howard Ellis, 45-year-old  landscaper, who was his neighbor and mutilated his head with a machete.

On Tuesday morning, a team of officers went to a house occupied by the accused man.  After entering the house, the officers were in the process of searching underneath a bed when they were attacked by Watson who was armed with a knife.

He jumped from underneath the bed and lashed out with the knife, stabbing Inspector Carl Brown,  to his hand and head.  Watson was shot and wounded by another policeman at the scene.  He was transported to hospital where he was pronounced dead.
On Saturday, July 28. Watson severed the head of Keniel Hall, 22-year-old unemployed of Rejoin district. He went in hiding and attacked several residents in his community.

Reports by the police are that, Hall left his home in Rejoin district on Saturday morning,  to visit the accuse who is a close friend and who resided at River Road in Cascade district.

Rejoin Man Beheaded, Eyes, Tongue and Facial Skin Removed in Cascade, Hanover

On reaching the area, Hall walked into the yard, but little did he know what faith awaits him.

The accused man used a machete to cut off  Hall’s head.  He then used a knife to cut away Hall’s tongue, remove his eyes and also his brain.

Shortly after, 12:00 noon, a neighbor stumbled upon the headless corpse and raised an alarm. The accused man ran to a nearby hill where he hid in bushes.

The police were summoned and upon arrival, Hall’s headless body was seen lying in the yard underneath a tree.  His head was discovered about three feet away, with the face skinned off and the eye and tongue removed.

The scene was processed and the body, head and other body parts were later removed from the scene.

Our new team also learned from community members that some time ago, Watson’s girlfriend walked out on him and since then he has been going out of his mind.

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