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HECOIN Receives 100 Percent Passes in Health and Skill Exams

HECOIN Receives 100 Percent Passes

Kingston, Jamaica(Mckoy’s News) – HECOIN Receives 100 Percent Passes in Health and Skill Exams: Passes Health, Education and Counselling Institute/HECOIN continues to produce students of high quality.

In its recently concluded examinations in April and June this year, students received mainly distinctions for external examinations conducted through the prestigious based OTHM Qualifications, UK.

In April, 28 Elderly Care Students Level 3, six Home Health Aide Level 2 along with four Phlebotomy Technician Level 2 students sat examinations and all were successful.  Out of the 28 students in Elderly Care, 23 received distinctions while five received credits, 1 received Distinction while 3 received credits for the Phlebotomy Technician.  All students in the Home Health Aide received Distinctions.

In June, final examinations leading to Level 2 Certificates were administered to four Housekeeping Management Services students with all receiving distinctions while five students sat  Food and Beverage Services examinations with 2 receiving distinctions and 3 receiving credits.  All these examinations were externally assessed by External Verifiers approved by OTHM Qualifications, UK.

The Press Release stresses that the excellent pass rate is as a result of the high quality of teaching and practical skills received.  Students must be at the credit level in order to sit final external examinations.  The students came from the following Campuses:  Highgate, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Mandeville, Port Antonio and Kingston Campuses.

HECOIN Receives 100 Percent Passes

HECOIN; in its close to 30 years in operation, has maintained 100% passes in all external examinations.  The Polytechnic of the Caribbean offers are wide range of programmes to include:

International Certificates (Level 2)

HouseKeeping Management Services, Food and Beverage Services, Call Centre Management, Customer Care Management and Security Management

International Diplomas (Levels 2-5)

Home Health Aide, AuPair, CareGiving, Child Care, Elderly Care, Health Care Assistant, Vocational Nursing, Phlebotomy Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Emergency Medical Technician, Business Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management and Shipping, Marine and Logistics Management

International Degrees

BA – Business Management and Marketing (9-12 months)

MA – Marketing and Innovations, Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Commercial Law and Human Resource Management (4-7 months)

The degrees are online, home-study and blended learning.

IELTS exam – for persons wishing to live in Canada

TEAM Jamaica – compulsory for hospitality workers

HECOIN Receives 100 Percent Passes

Security Management – compulsory for security guards

American Examinations in

AMCA – Phlebotomy Tech and Nursing Assistant

AAH – Pharmacy Technician

HECOIN is registered by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, OTHM Qualification, AMCA, AAH, AMT, London School of Marketing/LSM and DMF Energy Incorporation

Interested persons are asked to contact the following:

Kingston – 784-0338 | 806-1511

Spanish Town – 782-7509

Montego Bay – 329-2766

Ocho Rios – 974-2060 | 335-5424

Mandeville – 886-6094


Facebook:  HECOIN | Health, Education and Counselling Institute | HECOINkingstoncc

In addition HECOIN/Jamaica, there is HECOIN/Haiti.



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