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Hecoin is Exam Centre for Two US National Exams

Health, Education and Counselling Institute/HECOIN has been granted examination centre status from two certifying bodies in the USA.

The American Medical Certifications Association/AMCA and American Allied Health/AAH represent many certifying bodies for various national examinations in the USA.  HECOIN has been approved for Nursing Assistant, Patient Care Technician and Phlebotomy Technician for AMCA and for AAH they include Patient Care Technician and Pharmacy Technician.  Student-graduates of HECOIN who have completed final external examinations with OTHM Qualification and other examining bodies are able to sit the national certification examinations in the USA for the prescribed courses mentioned.

AMCA was established in 2010 with a vision of enhancing the allied healthcare industry by providing national certification examinations that validate the knowledge and expertise of professional in this field.  AMCA is nationally approved and recognized as a certification organization in all 50 states in the USA.  The AAH- affiliated testing site programme is designed to help a client receive nationally recognized certifications for the US market.  Both examining bodies provide examination results within 24 hours after sitting the examination.  The questions are mainly critical thinking multiple choice questions covering the course outline with approximately 200-250 questions to be answered in 3 hours.  This examination is facilitated online at HECOIN at a cost.  Clients are able to use this certification to apply for jobs in the USA.

HECOIN also partners with and registered by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information Independent Schools’ Unit, approved by OTHM Qualifications, UK, Chichester University through OTHM Qualifications, CICA University and Seminary and London School of Marketing/LSM in London.  HECOIN boasts of launching its 100% ONLINE fleet of programmes in September 2018 leading to international certificates, diplomas, degrees and Doctorates in health care, business, skills training and tourism and hospitality management and theology.  For the first time, it will offer the International Diploma in Dental Assistant Level 3, basic and advanced.


Institute of Vocational and Professional Institute

Spring Village, Bush Park, St Catherine, Jamaica West Indies

Telephone (876) 708-5020, 708-5455 or 806-1511

Facebook:  HECOIN or Health, Education and Counselling Institute/HECOIN


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