Health Dept. And Municipal Corporation In St. Elizabeth To Tackle Rodents

Health Dept. And Municipal Corporation In St. Elizabeth To Tackle Rodents

The St. Elizabeth Public Health Department and Municipal Corporation have agreed to coordinate activities aimed at preventing the spread of rodents in the parish.

Chief Public Health Inspector, St. Elizabeth, Everod Lewis, told JIS News that at the Corporation’s monthly meeting on Thursday (November 11), it was noted that there are rodent challenges in several towns, most notably Black River, Junction and Santa Cruz.

He emphasised that immediate attention is required from stakeholders to stem the rise in infestation.

“The matter was brought to the public health committee meeting yesterday (November 10) and the Municipal Corporation recognised the challenge that is out there,” Mr. Lewis said.

“We had some discussion as to the way forward, and that the Municipal Corporation should take the lead and is to be supported by the public health department in relation to trying to deal with the rodent problem,” he added.

Mr. Lewis indicated that some baiting exercise would have to be carried out, in addition to having timely collection of garbage by the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA).

In the meantime, he said the St. Elizabeth Public Health Department continues to carry out vector control activities in the parish.

“Over the month, a total of 7,732 premises were inspected. A total of 1,065 [of these premises] were positive (mosquito breeding sites) and we were able to cover at least 38 localities within the parish,” Mr. Lewis outlined.

“We are not only focusing on just the Aedes aegypti mosquito but the Culex and Anopheles as well,” he added.

Mr. Lewis explained that the increase in rainfall in the parish is contributing to a rise in the mosquito population, but the department remains ever vigilant.






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