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Hanover Recorded First Double Murder of 2017, Making History


Hanover, Jamaica (McN) – The parish of Hanover has now gone down in history as the first parish in Jamaica to record the first, and second murders in the year 2017.

The parish of Hanover also record the first double murder since the start of the year.

The double murder victims have been identified as Patrick Robinson, otherwise called (Obediah), a 53 years old Cabinet Maker of Hopewell District Hanover. And, Vernon Hall, a Shop Keeper of Mount Peace District, also in Hanover.

Reports by the Lucea Police are, that about 9:00 pm on Saturday, January 7, 2017, both men were sitting at a shop operated by Hall, in the Mount Peace District.

Minutes later, one man armed with a handgun crept up on them and opened fire. Hitting Hall and Robinson to their upper bodies.

The gunman escaped in the area on foot.

The Lucea Police were summoned and, upon arrival both men were transported to the Noel Holmes Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

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Hanover Recorded First Double Murder of 2017, Making History (McKoy’s News)

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