Petrice Porteous Found Dead, Petrice Porteous Boyfriend

Hanover Police Say Petrice Porteous Boyfriend to be Released

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Jamaica News, March 8, 2018 –  Petrice Porteous Boyfriend to be Released

Hanover, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – The Lucea police in the parish of Hanover have now reported that, the man who was taken into custody a week ago, in connection with the murder of his girlfriend in Lucea, will be released from custody later today or tomorrow.

According to the police,  after a series of investigations and interviews with various persons,  it has now been decided that there is not enough evidence with which to convict him.

The investigators also stated that,  so far no eyewitness has actually come forward and given an official statement linking the accused to the female prior to her disappearance.

Meanwhile,  family members to the slain female say they are now very angry with the twist that the investigation has taken and they lashed out at the police, who they say have not carried out the investigation process accurately to make an official arrest.

The family members stated that the death of the young mother should not go unpunished and they believed that after so much time,  the police would have at least laid criminal charges against the suspect.

Following the disappearance of the victim, 20-year-old Petrice Porteous, otherwise called “Little One”  of Mount Peace District on February 12, the accused boyfriend and his mother were both taken into custody.

Shortly after Porteous body was discovered in a shallow grave in bushes, the police launched an investigation and the mother was later released.

According to the police,  Porteous resides in  Mount Peace with her father Adolphus Porteous and her three-year-old daughter.  She was last seen alive on February 12, in Hanover allegedly when the accused man went to pick her up from work in Sandy Bay.

She was supposed to have been heading home but she disappeared without a trace.

Immediately following her disappearance,  family members and residents in the community searched sections of bushes to locate her, but their attempts were futile.

On Sunday, February 25, about 3:45 p.m., residents went to a section of the area known as Kew Top and saw dogs fighting over what appeared to be a bloody piece of female clothing. They then noticed a foul scent coming from what appeared to be a shallow grave in the bushes so they alerted the police.

Upon arrival, the shallow grave was uprooted and it resulted in the gruesome discovery of Porteous decomposed body.

According to the police, it appeared that the female was murdered elsewhere and the body then buried at that location.

The body was also covered in a  black substance which resembled engine oil, this the police say might have been dosed on the body by her killers, obviously to keep down the scent.

Also, it appeared that she was set on fire, as sections of her body had burnt marks and her eyes were missing.

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