Hanover Parish Council Launch Investigations into Body Falling from Coffin, into Dirt Grave, in Cascade, Hanover

The Hanover Municipal Corporation has commenced a full probe into a video that has been creating rounds on social media, and shows a body falling from a coffin, into a dirt grave, during a funeral proceeding, said to have been held in the community of Cascade, in Hanover.

Reports are that the funeral service was held on Saturday, at a section of Cascade known as Hillougby.

The deceased is said to be a resident from St James, who has family in Cascade community, and was brought back to be buried in the area, with the consent of the Hanover Municipal Corporation.

The video shows community members attempting to lower the coffin into the dirt grave, with the use of ropes and straps, which eventually broke, resulted in the coffin coming apart, and the body falling into the dirt hole.

A Rastafarian is also seen jumping into the hole, and making attempts to lift the corps by one of his foot, but his attempts were futile.

The Municipal Corporation has since launched an investigation into the incident.


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