Hanover Mourns Missing Cashier Tasha Gordon – Skeleton Found

Prospect, Hanover (McN) – The closely woven community of Prospect, Hanover, Jamaica came out on Friday to witness the skeletal remains of a well known and loved cashier, who worked at a grocery store in Prospect Square and was kidnapped by gunmen that burst into the store on January 9, executing her boss and abducting her.

Prospect Community Mourns Tasha Gordon as Her Remains are Found.(Photo Credit: Henry Bucknor Special News Crime Investigator)

Jamaica watched as the community of Prospect beckoned the Hanover and neighboring parish police to assist them in the search for the 32-year-old cashier.

Prospect Mourns Tasha Gordon

In the hours after her abduction by alleged gunmen, scores of community member demonstrated to get the police attention of urgency to find Gordon, the demonstrators blocked the main street to Prospect with boulders and other debris.








Residents demanded the police attention:

“We need to find Tasha; Tasha fi find. We need helicopter to cover the whole Westmoreland and Hanover,” one male protester demanded.

“We alone can’t walk to find Tasha.”

Tasha Gordon Kidnapped from the Wholesale Store where she worked in Prospect Square, Green Island – Hanover.

During the search, residents and police combed the community and environs, Police Canine dogs identified her slippers in a nearby cane field and the police found $9,000 that was left behind as she was allegedly dragged through the cane fields, but Tasha was not found.

Weeks later the family of Tasha Gordon and the police band together to offer a J$100,00 reward for information that can assist in their investigation of the Missing 32-year-old woman.

On Friday the search painfully came to a halt for the community, when the body of the loved 32-year-old was found in a cane field.

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